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Industrial grade, high stability, high-end luxury appearance

* Deep learning algorithm model based on UNV independent intellectual property rights, face recognition accuracy rate 99, false rate 1

* Built-in deep learning dedicated chip, supports local offline recognition, 10,000 face capacity, face white list (1N)

* Fastest recognition time 0.2 seconds, various model merge mode are used to reduce false rate and increase pass rate

* WDR, 2MP (1080P) low illumination wide-angle camera and F1.6 large aperture lens for capturing high quality image with various complex lighting scenes

* Support anti-spoofing detection based on deep learning algorithm, effective against fraud such as photo and video

* Support face metering and human metering for fast adapting to ambient light

* Suggested height for face recognition: between 0.8m and 2.2m,face recognition distance: 0.2m to 2.9m

* Support screen sleep mode, keep the minimum brightness to prevent glare at night

* Support add up to 6 photos of the base library for a single person

* Support video capture, support ONVIF protocol

* Support face, card authentication to control door open

* Built-in 4G EMMC front end storage, stable and reliable, up to 8,000 events capacity (with images)

* Support direct control door lock, exit button, door contact detection to implement access control management

* Support tamper protection, support door opening timeout, support time exceeding alarm, support keeping door opening while fire alarm active


Face Recognition Access Control Terminal

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