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7 Inch Face Recognition Access Control Terminal

Industrial-grade design presents a classy and elegant appearance.
Embedded Linux OS ensures stable and reliable operation.
With UNV deep learning algorithm model, face recognition accuracy rate > 99%, false rate < 1%, fast face recognition speed (up to 0.2s).
Built-in deep learning chip allows local offline recognition, 20,000 face (1:N) capacity.
2MP WDR camera with intelligent metering delivers high quality images in a variety of complex light conditions.
RGB+IR dual-camera liveness detection function effectively prevents spoofing of images or videos.
Integrated offline speech synthesis engine supports broadcasting person name after successful authentication and customizing various voice prompts.
With advertising mode support, user can customize the time to switch to the next picture or video and view playback time statistics.
Supports temperature measurement (an external temperature measurement module is required) and mask detection for pandemic prevention and control.
Supports door opening by face, card, password, etc.
Supports device management in the local interface and web interface, such as personnel entry, parameter configuration, and system maintenance.
Supports connecting to a security module via RS485 to prevent door opening by tampering the device.
Supports video collection and connecting VMS/NVR devices via ONVIF.
Built-in 4G EMMC front-end storage with capacity of 30,000 records, stable and reliable.
Alarm functions such as tamper protection, door open timeout, and authentication over times; supports connecting fire alarm devices to trigger the door to
open in case of fire signal input.
Provides multiple full-fledged APIs to enable management of personnel, records, configurations, etc. on third-party platforms.



Face Recognition Access Control Terminal
Features high performance, high reliability, high face recognition accuracy rate, large library capacity, quick recognition
and excellent light adaptability. UNV face recognition technology is perfectly integrated into the access control product to realize precise access control by face
authentication based on the deep-learning algorithm. This product can be widely used in application scenarios such as buildings, parks, enterprises and offices.

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